Tworzymy rozwiązania z myślą o złożoności i przyszłości

Innovation development in organisations

Many organisations are feeling the increasing pressure from dynamic changes in their environment. They want to see an opportunity for positive change in society and to contribute to it. At EGO, we help organisations adapt their way of working in order to create innovative solutions that will be adopted by their customers. We provide advice on how to use modern technology wisely, how to manage innovation and how to respond to changing

The ability of an organisation to learn and adapt to new conditions is a key factor in the innovation of its services. Therefore, when analysing organisations we primarily assess two key aspects: how the organisation learns and what its learning potential is. In our diagnosis, we analyse factors such as: types of impulses, self-reflection, knowledge and adaptation, as well as organisational factors, i.e. staff, leadership, a sense of security, resources, procedures, habits and the relationship with the surroundings. This helps us to find out why the organisation is not making full use of its learning potential and shows us how it can be effectively harnessed. Every time, we adapt the assessment model to the specific nature of the organisation we are studying. During the analysis, we learn the perspective of both the organisation’s management and the employees at various positions. We collect data through employee and customer surveys, workshops, interviews, observations and in-depth analysis of data from the organisation’s operations.

We also help create ‘Living Labs’ in government and business organisations – experimental spaces where, through collective processes, breakthrough ideas are generated on important business, social and economic issues.  Living labs are multidisciplinary teams within an organisation that involve the company’s customers in creating and testing innovative solutions. 

We help organisations change the way they think and act. We involve interdisciplinary teams in designing innovations. We teach them to use design thinking methods and an agile approach at work. As a result, the people who make up these teams build new competencies and become ambassadors of progress in the organisation.  

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