About us

For over a decade we have been helping companies, organisations, and governments create unique, world-class solutions

What is our mission?

Our mission is to find the best solutions possible. The best solutions are evidence-based, inspiring, intuitive, naturally innovative as well as user-friendly and built with the individual in mind.

What do we do?

We create and improve products and services. We shape and change human behaviour, experiences, as well as the actual functioning and processes of organisations. In our projects we combine various scientific fields: management, psychology, economics, sociology and linguistics. We use them at every stage of our work: when identifying needs, designing and implementing solutions and when we test their effectiveness.

Co nas wyróżnia

What makes us unique?

 In our work on behalf of businesses and the public sector:

We offer sector knowledge

We have a strong research team, with extensive work experience in key areas of the economic sector.

We are innovative

We are constantly looking for new inspirations in projects in Poland and abroad.

We focus on quality and reliability

We base our projects on proven research methodologies, experience gained in the public and private sectors in Poland and abroad.

We are open-minded

We engage our clients in the research and design work, listening to their expectations, suggestions and experiences.

We care about open communication

Our research results are clear and easy to understand.

Who do we work with?

At EGO, we have built a team of the best experts in their respective fields, researchers, designers and strategists. They are the ones who show our clients how to tackle complex problems and organisational and business challenges.

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