Karolina Dobrowolska

Karolina has been carrying out socio-economic research for 14 years. Her professional interests are focused on innovation policy, entrepreneurship, cooperation at the interface of science and business, research and development, technology transfer, seed capital market. She has experience in cooperating with companies, scientific units implementing projects related to the creation of innovative solutions, especially on the basis of research and development work, as well as innovation centers. For several years, she has been developing experience in leading processes with the methods of design thinking and service design, which she used in Climate KIC, Gov-lab, Electro Scale Up projects.

She has extensive experience in working with innovators and startups on business models based on the Lean Startup method. Since 2018, she has been working at the WAB Eastern Business Accelerator Startup Platform, where she is responsible for supervising the startup incubation process. To date, she has been involved in verifying the business model assumptions of nearly 200 startups.

Interests: service design, innovation culture, startup acceleration

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